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Adult Webmasters since 1996, Web Wizard, Inc. has been collecting and sharing with our members the best adult content available on the ?net. Over the years there have been times when we just couldn?t find exactly what our members wanted, so we started developing some content for ourselves.

As adult webmasters we understand the importance to our members of high quality, regularly updated content. We listened to what our members asked for and designed our content with them in mind.

Throughout this period, many of our fellow Webmasters often asked us where we got our special content from and were disappointed that it was not available to them for their web sites. Out of this expressed disappointment we decided to develop two solutions in order to share what we had created and developed with them, Content Guys and Gbucks.

Through Content Guys, we made available various individual pieces of our privately developed content to a select few Webmasters who believe, as we do, that their members deserve better than just average when it comes to content.

And being Webmasters ourselves, we also understood that cost was always a consideration, so we developed Gbucks, our adult affiliate program for those Webmasters who could not afford to lease our content but still wanted to be able to offer that content to their members and others.

Webmasters, like you, who excel at marketing whole websites, will find the Gbucks program to be a perfect fit in your overall sales model. Our commission model is one of the most lucrative and yet straightforward available today. There are no complicated formulas used to determine what you have earned. We pay you 50%* of every membership sale, after bank charges have been deducted, that?s it. Could it be simpler? And we give you complete, secure access to your hourly-updated stats so you can track what you are earning.

Gbucks is committed to developing and sharing today's best content sites with our fellow Webmasters. We believe that, as the adult industry continues to grow, there needs to be room made for the small and medium sized Webmasters as you establish your own market share and Gbucks will help you to do just that.

If you have any questions please E-Mail Us and we'll be happy to answer them all for you. Being Webmasters ourselves, we know what members want and what Webmasters need and we can help you balance them both.

* Full details are available in our Terms Of Service agreement.

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